Finally Sabbath

This has been a pretty busy week for me. It started with leaving Metallak Island, where I had been camping all the previous week - a great trip (pictures to come, sometime). When we finally got home Ali and I had about 18 hours to get her ready to leave for Tanzania. After a couple shopping trips, one Sunday evening and the other Monday morning, all the last minutes were gotten, and we packed up and left just after 2pm for Boston. Ali's flight left at 7pm, and as you may know she got there safely and has gotten settled in there in the Adra compound. Tuesday was kind of a whirlwind, because, as I knew and had planned on, I had to sign up for a class from the University of Maine, a day after classes started. This was compounded by the fact that the class, Fields and Waves, was only offered in Orono, which is two hours away from where I live. With my mom's help, we found a pastor who lives about 30 minutes from the campus who was willing to have me stay overnight at his place for free. My schedule is MWF lecture and Th evening recitation, so I will go back and forth on Mondays but will spend Wednesday through Friday up there, staying at the pastor's house. So Tuesday was pretty busy, planning all that plus packing up food and stuff to take with me. Wednesday was interesting, cause I was learning a new campus, trying to find where to get parking permits, books, and campus cards while avoiding parking tickets and also making it to my class on time, this task made harder by the fact that while the maps have the names of the buildings on them, they don't tell you what building goes with engineering, or anything like that. Everything turned out fine, however, and I did a bit more exploring in the area after my class before heading south to find the pastor's place. I found that with no difficulty, since I had my GPS and his address, and settled in there. Thursday was spent mostly working on finding a job in the area, with no success, and then looking for ways to work online, with partial success. I spent most of the day in the library, using a computer there, sweltering in the non-ac environment, till I had to leave to go to recitation at 6pm. Friday was probably the least busy day of all, since basically all i did was go into the library for a couple hours and use the computer some more, and then go to class, and then drive back to Brunswick. Now, after mowing the lawn and having a nice long talk with Ali, I'm ready for bed and for Sabbath!

So, if you're looking for me during the week, you might need to include Orono, ME in your search, at least for the next semester.


Ali said...

Yikes, and I thought I was busy...I think you've been even busier than me this week. Glad everything worked out well for the class. Enjoy your trips to Orono!

Christy Joy said...

wow - good luck with the new school and classes!

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