A-Zs I love about Ali

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Animals: She loves animals.
At The Tractor Supply company, saying hi to the ducklings
With one of her cats
Meeting a pig

Beauty: She's really pretty and cute, often at the same time!
Looking amazing at our Maine reception
Cute girl
In Seoul
Creativity: She has really cool, creative ideas.
Love Lock on Pemba Island, Tanzania
Mr. & Mrs. signs at our reception
Ice cream kisses (mine fell out shortly after this, though... :P )
Floating away together
Delight: She loves to have fun.
Playing on the school playground near her house
Playing Monopoly Deal with teachers and students in Korea!
Swinging on a giant swing in Sokcho, South Korea
Experimental: She tries many new things even though she feels unsure sometimes.
Learning how to ride a motorbike :)
Family: She loves her family.
Aunt Ali and Coral
Sisters at the reception
In Seoul with Mum, Dad, and Ty
Two couples at the reception
Goofy: She has a great funny/goofy/playful side.
What a basket case...
Being blowfish?
Helpful: She enjoys helping people.
Bringing props for Mum's photography
Imaginative: She especially enjoys pretending to be animals.
Being a manta ray in the Cayman Islands...
...and an octopus in Seattle
Joyfulness: She loves to laugh with and enjoy friends and family.
Ali and Julie playing with a maypole
Ali and Becky
Kids: She loves kids.
Playing with Tessa in Tanzania
Tickling Anya and Nina
Lakes: She loves lakes - boating, swimming, skiing, tubing, relaxing.
Bryn and Ali at Lake Louise in May
Boating in the Shuswap
Music: She likes listening to and playing music.
Improv with friends at SAU
Nature: She loves enjoying nature.
Watching whales in eastern Canada
Writing on a dock on a lake in Ontario
Originality: She likes to be original.
She likes the color orange partially because not many other people did
Photography. She doesn't mind having pictures taken of her, and she's a great photography assistant.
With a huge ball of gum in her mouth...
part of a quiz game from her wedding shower
Holding a flag out of the way for a picture
Q: She likes the letter Q.
Reading: She loves reading.
Reading in Cheonan, South Korea
Singing: She enjoys singing.
Ali and I with the choir at Seoul Main institute
Traveling: She loves traveling and exploring.
With me on Pemba Island, Tanzania
In St. Pierre with her mom
Undaunted: She is very determined at times, sometimes even stubborn!
She was determined to accomplish many of her
wedding ideas, and I think the ceremony and
reception were really great and well organized
and thought out - here she puts jam jar favors in
a box for the wedding
Ventures. She likes going on adventures with me, even if they're sometimes hard work.
Climbing a looong stairway as part of a hike up
Daedunsan in South Korea
Wet: She loves water.
...so much so that she wanted our getaway vehicle to be a boat! :)
X: She likes kissing me. :)
At our reception :)
Yes was her answer to my proposal!
A minute or so after I proposed
Zestful: She loves life and is really cheerful, playful, loving, and fun!
I love you, Ali! I'm so glad you married me!
Bonus! &: She likes to use the ampersand symbol.

I love you more & more every day, Ali!

Happy first anniversary!