Ali has a good grasp on technology

Going through my old pictures and came upon this one from February. Fun times!


A-Zs I love about Ali

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Animals: She loves animals.
At The Tractor Supply company, saying hi to the ducklings
With one of her cats
Meeting a pig

Beauty: She's really pretty and cute, often at the same time!
Looking amazing at our Maine reception
Cute girl
In Seoul
Creativity: She has really cool, creative ideas.
Love Lock on Pemba Island, Tanzania
Mr. & Mrs. signs at our reception
Ice cream kisses (mine fell out shortly after this, though... :P )
Floating away together
Delight: She loves to have fun.
Playing on the school playground near her house
Playing Monopoly Deal with teachers and students in Korea!
Swinging on a giant swing in Sokcho, South Korea
Experimental: She tries many new things even though she feels unsure sometimes.
Learning how to ride a motorbike :)
Family: She loves her family.
Aunt Ali and Coral
Sisters at the reception
In Seoul with Mum, Dad, and Ty
Two couples at the reception
Goofy: She has a great funny/goofy/playful side.
What a basket case...
Being blowfish?
Helpful: She enjoys helping people.
Bringing props for Mum's photography
Imaginative: She especially enjoys pretending to be animals.
Being a manta ray in the Cayman Islands...
...and an octopus in Seattle
Joyfulness: She loves to laugh with and enjoy friends and family.
Ali and Julie playing with a maypole
Ali and Becky
Kids: She loves kids.
Playing with Tessa in Tanzania
Tickling Anya and Nina
Lakes: She loves lakes - boating, swimming, skiing, tubing, relaxing.
Bryn and Ali at Lake Louise in May
Boating in the Shuswap
Music: She likes listening to and playing music.
Improv with friends at SAU
Nature: She loves enjoying nature.
Watching whales in eastern Canada
Writing on a dock on a lake in Ontario
Originality: She likes to be original.
She likes the color orange partially because not many other people did
Photography. She doesn't mind having pictures taken of her, and she's a great photography assistant.
With a huge ball of gum in her mouth...
part of a quiz game from her wedding shower
Holding a flag out of the way for a picture
Q: She likes the letter Q.
Reading: She loves reading.
Reading in Cheonan, South Korea
Singing: She enjoys singing.
Ali and I with the choir at Seoul Main institute
Traveling: She loves traveling and exploring.
With me on Pemba Island, Tanzania
In St. Pierre with her mom
Undaunted: She is very determined at times, sometimes even stubborn!
She was determined to accomplish many of her
wedding ideas, and I think the ceremony and
reception were really great and well organized
and thought out - here she puts jam jar favors in
a box for the wedding
Ventures. She likes going on adventures with me, even if they're sometimes hard work.
Climbing a looong stairway as part of a hike up
Daedunsan in South Korea
Wet: She loves water.
...so much so that she wanted our getaway vehicle to be a boat! :)
X: She likes kissing me. :)
At our reception :)
Yes was her answer to my proposal!
A minute or so after I proposed
Zestful: She loves life and is really cheerful, playful, loving, and fun!
I love you, Ali! I'm so glad you married me!
Bonus! &: She likes to use the ampersand symbol.

I love you more & more every day, Ali!

Happy first anniversary!


Venus transit

Unless you haven't been paying attention much recently, you know that Venus transited the sun the other day.
I wasn't going to post anything about it because I totally missed seeing it here, but I saw this picture today and just had to share it with you.

(click to view larger)

Wow, what a picture!! It was taken by a Japanese spacecraft called Hinode, on June 5th. The interesting thing is that this helps us to compare (to some extent) how big the sun is compared to us, because Venus is approximately the same size as the earth. BUT, the sun is quite a lot further away than Venus in this picture, so it's actually even bigger than it appears!



Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Here's a very detailed, informative video on why processed food is killing us. Everyone should watch this. Never mind that it's an hour and a half long, it will be interesting to you if you are interested in being healthy.


Land of the midnight sun

Just came across this video, and now I want to time my next visit to Iceland during this time of the year...


Digi-Comp II

This is a mechanical computer, modeled after an original smaller version produced in the 1960s. I'd love to have something like this! It's so cool, and it allows you to actually see how calculations work!