Land of the midnight sun

Just came across this video, and now I want to time my next visit to Iceland during this time of the year...


Christy Joy said...

I love the lupine shot at 1:05!

Glenda Quiring said...

My friend, Marilyn has family there and said I will just love it when I go to visit.
Wonder when that will be.
Thanks for the beauty you shared.

jane walts said...

oh they're so beautiful. can I copy the link. I'm into home remodeling and views like this really takes my breath away.

HVAC Technician Salary in Alaska

Jonathan Gerrans said...

Sure, you can copy the link, Jane - I don't own the video. I'm not sure why you posted that link about HVAC Salary though... This isn't a job blog, and the video was about Iceland, not Alaska.

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