Download the Web?!

Wow this is an ambitious project - apparently this company offers a download of the entire Web!

I guess it's not as huge as you might think though - here's one of the FAQ's on the site:

Q: Isn't the Web too big for anyone to be able to download it?A: If we consider the whole World Wide Web, yes it would be time-consuming to download it. Recent statistics from Google estimate that there are approximately 74.3 billion pages on the Web. If we assume that each page has 10.4 Kb on average, that is already 673,200,000,000 Kb, or 673.2 Terabytes (Tb)! 
Our detailed review, however, has found that 92% of those websites are pornographic or gambling related. Once we removed these, the size of the Web is reduced to 8% of the initial volume, eg 62.8Tb. 
As a next step we eliminated the illegal MP3 and movie files as well as the distracting YouTube videos. This further reduced the size of the Web to 3,444 Tb, which is the size of our file collection.

I think they meant 3.444 Tb though, in that last section. Anyway, I'm really not sure who would want that... but I guess they're getting some business somehow.

You probably are wondering what I was wondering... What about blogs, etc that update frequently? Well, apparently they have "update CD's" to download every day... Not sure how this integrates with the rest of it but I guess maybe they have some sort of management system to sort of add it in to the original files.

The things people come up with these days... :P

Update: apparently there are a significant number of people that want it, cause the downloads are disabled right now due to bandwidth issues. Oh well, guess I won't be able to get my copy of the web just yet... ;)


Eating a Plant-based Diet

This is an excellent talk on eating a plant-based diet that Ali and I stumbled upon a few days ago. Even if you already do this, it's an interesting listen, because he brings up many things that you may not know, and he shares   a story about an interesting experiment he and some others did.

Also, since whoever took the video wasn't paying attention, here's a link to the Redneck Smoke Detector he talks about in the beginning.


Where is this?

I stumbled upon this place today, and I wanted to see if anyone else could find out what and where it is. (I know all about it [now], I just want to see if anyone else can find out about it.)
I'll give hints if you have trouble!


The Late Pie

I missed posting on Pi day this year. I've been busy all week writing a sermon for vespers this Friday and it slipped my mind till it was too late...
Oh well, a late pie is still a good pie.

So, here are some interesting random facts about pi.

Albert Einstein was born on pi Day (3/14/1879) in Ulm Wurttemberg, Germany.

By the year 1701 the first 100 digits of pi had been calculated.

Pi has been calculated to 10 trillion (1 million x 1 million x 10) digits as of October, 2011.

What do you get when you divide the circumference of a Jack-o-lantern by it's diameter? Pumpkin Pi...

So the last one isn't really a fact... :P

Anyway, hope you had a great pi day. I'll eat some pie in celebration as soon as I come across some.


"The Light of Stars"

It's been a while since I posted about a timelapse video; this one is not only very well done, it is also interesting because several of the shots are sort of "behind the scenes." Enjoy! (watch full-screen if at all possible)