As some of you have already found out, I am back from Brazil! I got back around 5pm Monday evening, about 25 hours after we left the hotel in Rio. We had great concerts, ate great food, saw great sights, and had great fun with each other. If you would like to see pictures, I have about a tithe of the total number up on Facebook.
I will be putting another 177 or so up in addition to those, but this larger album will be on Shutterfly, and is not finished as of yet. Link to come when ready. [Edit: Shutterfly album is finished!] These extra ones may only be of interest if you are really into looking at or taking photos, as there are quite a few. Anyway, feel free to ask me questions about Brazil in the comments, I'll be glad to answer them!


the end?

It's startling, really. Four years ago i had my heart set on attending Andrews University. This weekend many people i came to Southern with will be graduating. Jobs, masters degrees, marriages, missionaries, research, things changing, just like they do every year, but different. Life is happening. And here i am, still here, another year, another life. But what will i do? When i march out of here next May, where will i be marching to? By whose orders? What will life be for me? It will be an end. It will be a beginning. It will be startling and calming, sad and happy, maybe an adventure, maybe coming home anew. i don't always like this kind of change. i am happy knowing the friends i know, doing the things i do. But He has new friends for me, new things to do and places to go. Can i trust Him to lead where i would go if i knew? i must.