the end?

It's startling, really. Four years ago i had my heart set on attending Andrews University. This weekend many people i came to Southern with will be graduating. Jobs, masters degrees, marriages, missionaries, research, things changing, just like they do every year, but different. Life is happening. And here i am, still here, another year, another life. But what will i do? When i march out of here next May, where will i be marching to? By whose orders? What will life be for me? It will be an end. It will be a beginning. It will be startling and calming, sad and happy, maybe an adventure, maybe coming home anew. i don't always like this kind of change. i am happy knowing the friends i know, doing the things i do. But He has new friends for me, new things to do and places to go. Can i trust Him to lead where i would go if i knew? i must.





Christy Joy said...

mmmmm... nicely expressed, JG.

i empathize

see you tomorrow

Ali said...

I know how you feel. Change can be hard, but it can also be awesome.

Danielle said...

I know how you feel too. I didn't realize you thought about Andrews! That would have been different.

Kelsey said...

I can relate. Only this time I am the one leaving... :'o ;-)

Change always seems to come too soon. But looking back, I usually realize I am ready to move on.

shama said...

Graduating from high school was a very sad time for me, but change was necessary. Even though it was sad for a while, now I am so happy! I'm sure graduating from college will be a very sad time, but God will lead you where He wants you to be. He will help you to be happy in the peace that you are following His leading.

barry said...

So many good memories. You were an awesome roomate. Remember Christmas in the abstract, fire hot tomato soup, and putting up with my insane memorization techniques?
We'll have to stay in touch.
I didn't know you almost picked andrews too. I was actually signed up at Andrews, and didn't switch to SAU until three weeks before school started. Before that, I was almost set to try Dartmouth. God has a way of twisting the path in unexpected directions.

Christy Joy said...

It amuses me to say that I was planning to go to Andrews also... ...but then I graduated a year early and somehow ended up at Southern. Weird, we might have all been friends at Andrews but instead, we were all friends at Southern.

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