Land of the midnight sun

Just came across this video, and now I want to time my next visit to Iceland during this time of the year...


Digi-Comp II

This is a mechanical computer, modeled after an original smaller version produced in the 1960s. I'd love to have something like this! It's so cool, and it allows you to actually see how calculations work!


May challenge - Day 2

B is for Bloom

New Challenge! Alphabet in photos.

I got this idea from Ali's mom. She's being very creative and putting the shape of each letter in her pictures, though, but I'm not sure I can do that, at least for the two days that have already gone by...
Anyway, here's the first one!

A is for Affection


Awesome timelapse of Yosemite and the Sierra

Here I am again, posting yet another timelapse video I've found. It's pretty crazy what some people can do with a camera and some motors. Hope you enjoy! (Highly recommend full screen, and HD, if possible!)

[source: petapixel.com]