It often seems hard to find joy in life, especially when life seems to be one long slog through labs, homework, exams, classes, rehearsals, practice, repeat above, etc. College life is hard, and keeping on top of the game can be an elusive goal much of the time. But I think if we can find joy in the simple things of life, such as an enjoyable lab assignment, a fun day trip with the choir, or a bowl of gourmet tomato soup, we can make it. God wants us to have joy, throughout each day of our life. It is one of the fruits of the spirit, after all! That is a really awesome thought for me: God is interested not only in leading me in His footsteps, but in giving me joy while doing His will! This week I am going to make it a point to find the things He has put in my path to give me joy in life. How about you?