Goodbye to computer science

Well, the time has come. I have given it a lot of thought, and talked with several of my friends, and I have decided. I am going to switch my major to pre-dental. I know, this is probably quite a shocking revelation for most of you, but I assure you, it is for the best. See, I have come to realize, during my hours of soldering circuit boards, that my hands could be put to better use repairing teeth. I think this idea must have started when I had Greg Sprague, a good friend of mine, work on my teeth over christmas break (I had a couple small cavities and grooves resulting from the structure of my teeth). I began to realize how interesting and exciting it really could be, and the thought of using all the technology that comes with the field is rather invigorating as well. My plan is to finish out the classes I am in this semester, but next semester I will begin taking the sciences that the program requires. This of course means that I'm not nearly as close to graduation, but I'm prepared to make the necessary effort, especially since I have not yet experienced first hand the traditions of Southern Matrimonial College. I think that my experience will be better overall, and my employment opportunities will be just as good, if not better. So let it be known that this day, April 1, 2009, markes the beginning of my new life!