Second Anniversary: Four years of pictures

Looking back through the years at our relationship :)

The first picture I know of with the two of us in it. This was in April 2009, and we were doing "World Vision pics." Ask the Ali for the back story. (we weren't really as sad as we look)
Fall 2009 before we were dating. Waiting around for an Owl City concert to begin.
About to go caving Fall 2009 a week or so before I asked Ali to date me.
At a bonfire party soon after we started dating.
On a hay ride, freezing cold but happy :)
Having supper at the Quirings' fifth wheel, when they were down for a visit.
Inside the Doll House at Southern, during Christmas on the Promenade.
Midnight picnic a bunch of us went on to try to see a meteor shower. It was cloudy, but we had fun anyway.
Josh had the idea to give the ladies breakfast in bed one morning, so this is the result! :)
At the Opry Mills mall
Our first "Chrismas" together! Actually in January after we were back from break.
At the Valentine's Banquet - first and last banquet I attended at SAU.
Spring Break in Maine! At Portland Head light.
Walking on Popham Beach in Maine
Taken while on a random trip to Louisiana because none of us had ever been there, and it was the last new state for Ali
This night, you got free ice cream if you came wearing pajamas!
A few days before my recital, Ali and I hung out for a while on the lawn in front of the music building.
When Ali's mom came down for grad, she gave us a photoshoot near campus.
Another photo from the shoot. Blowing dandelions at each other :)
At grad. Ali tries (but fails) to be tall.
We graduated!
At an imax theater in Minnesota.
In the Canadian Rockies
In Banff, Alberta.
At a hot springs
Lake Louise shot.
Posing on a quad in British Columbia.
Roasting hot dogs on some flimsy twigs and trying not to burn the dogs or our fingers
Flying in Ali's dad's plane!
Whale tail in Seattle when I was leaving.
At a park in Seattle
Saying goodbye.
On a visit to BC in August. About to go swimming in the lake.
Hanging out at Ali's house, tech style.
Photoshoot at the house
Another great photoshoot picture.
After waterskiing in the Quirings boat.
Leaving for Seattle, then Maine, then Tanzania for Ali
Touring Maine. Camden Harbor.
I visited Ali in Tanzania, and one afternoon we went to this pool to go swimming.
On a safari!
About to descend into Ngorongoro crater, where there were many many African wild animals
Just after I asked Ali to marry me!
The next day we took a few shots to commemorate.
Sunset shot.
Next morning on the beach.
Learning how to dip :)
On a boat to an island off the coast of an island off the coast of Tanzania. Yes I repeated that on purpose.
Ali's birthday in TZ. We went out and had cake and ice cream at a restaurant.
Posing with Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Our engagement Love Lock. :)
Ali came home in the end of April, 2011, and soon had to leave for BC after stopping to visit me.
In June, I went out to visit, and Ali's mom took some engagement photos for us. Here we share ice cream :)
Enjoying the surroundings... or maybe each other. :)
After visiting our wedding site, we went down to this abandoned hotel and snapped a few photos.
This is from a photoshoot at Ali's house.
Floating away with chalk balloons
Speeding along on Quirings' boat.
Parked on a park bench.
After another photoshoot with Ali's mom, Ali broke out the Martinellis.
From our official engagement photoshoot with our photographer.
We went on a day trip here to check it out.
First look shot
The kiss!
And another one for good measure.
Looking back :)
At our honeymoon spot!
Back from church in the Cayman Islands. When the churchgoers found out we were on our honeymoon, they put together this little gift bag for us. So nice!
In a submarine 100 feet below the surface of the ocean!
And heading 400 feet above the surface in a parasail!
Swimming with the stingrays.
Checking out a baby sea turtle.
We're a colorful couple :)
Signpost at our hotel.
Opening wedding gifts!
At our Maine reception, at the Crooker Estates.
On the way back from an airshow we saw while visiting my grandparents in New Jersey.
At Reed State Park in Maine.
We summited Mt. Washington! ...in my van, that is.
Our preppy outfits.
Our first jointly carved Jack O'Lantern!
Simulating the artificial skydiving we had just watched, in Seattle on the way to South Korea.
At a park near Seattle.
American Thanksgiving in South Korea! (Forgot to focus... duh)
Advent calendars.
Our eyes. Who is who?
At the top of N Seoul Tower.
Outside a restaurant in Seoul that we didn't eat at.
Giant Buddha near Cheonan, South Korea.
United! :)
Christmas in Korea!
At the aquarium in Busan, South Korea. They didn't feed this shark enough, apparently.
In Busan.
Again in Busan.
On a hiking trail near our institute. In Korea these exercise stations pop up on every corner.
Got a package from Canada!
Going skiing with some students!
On a hike in Seoul with students.
Another picture from the same hike.
In a town in southwest South Korea, which we explored for a day.
After climbing the mountain in the background.
At a beach in the same area, checking out the rock strata.
Climbing N Seoul mountain.
At a waterfall in Seoraksan Nation Park.
In Sokcho, checking out the sculptures.
On another mountain, Seoul in the background.
At a water show in Seoul.
My birthday hike!
Historic section of Seoul.
Singing hymns with the teachers.
At the SDA University campus.
At the top of a mountain behind the campus.
On the campus.
At a palace in Seoul on Canada Day.
On a river cruise with the Quirings.
At the top of a crater on Jeju Island, the Hawaii of Korea.
In Vietnam after a good tour.
In Shanghai, on a layover. We didn't want to stay in the airport for 8 hours.
On our first anniversary, we were in BC and went to watch an air show!
On a hike near Kelowna. We were feeling top heavy. :)
All packed up ready to head to Maine!
Near Jasper, Alberta.
Walking on the beach at Metallak Island, Maine.
Having church on the beach.
On the island at Popham Beach, Maine.
Our new apartment! (well, the upstairs is ours)
Ali sneaks a kiss :)
Christmas 2012 in BC, getting the tree.
Christmas Eve
Having fun with Ali's underwater camera at Nakusp hot springs.
Licking the spatulas after making the Quiring cheesecake, I believe.
Having fun with masks.
An impromptu after church snowball fight.
Sharing is caring. :)
Helping to decorate a tree outside the Quiring house.
Ali's car in Maine after driving it across country in January. Yes I know, this isn't a picture of us, but it is a picture of our cars....:)
After a blizzard in Bradley, Maine
Hanging out on Valentine's day :)
Touring Montreal after Ali's green card interview.
On top of a small mountain near our apartment.
At a lighthouse while visiting Tyler in Nova Scotia
At Land's End in Maine.
Exploring the White Mountains in New Hampshire in July.
Sunrise at Metallak
Underwater Honeymoon
Ali and I have a sort of twirling tradition going. The first one was while in Maine during spring break 2010.
Twirling at Gas Works Park in Seattle in May, 2010.
On  Pemba Island, Tanzania, on January 20, two days after we got engaged!
From our official engagement photoshoot in July, 2011.
After our wedding! This was a much tamer twirl, but as close as we got :)

I love you, Ali! Thanks for all the years of great times we've had so far! Let's have many more. :)


Glenda Quiring said...

awwwwwww, love all the photos of two wonderful people.
one great couple.

Ali said...

Awww, I love these all! Thanks for making this awesome post of our history together! I love you as much as all our trips and travels and twirls!

Tyler said...

That's pretty cool! You guys have some great shots. I liked the caption "underwater honeymoon" haha.

Jonathan Gerrans said...

Thanks Ty!

Danielle said...

I nearly had water come out of my nose when I remembered "world vision pictures" ... Bryn just looks pitiful in that pic! But the rest of the photos were lovely. What a cute couple! :)

Kristin said...

These are such fun pictures!!! :) I know this sounds funny, but it just re-enforces in my mind the fact that you two seem like such fun and wonderful people! Maybe someday we'll be able to hang out some more :)

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