Learning, Sharing

I was recently given a book about photography by a friend of mine. Since I am interested in taking good pictures, it was a good book to receive. I read it straight through, and really appreciated how much it helped me learn to take better photos. I knew I would come back to it and read parts of it over and over. In fact I liked it so much that I bought a few more copies and gave them to some of my friends, who I knew would probably be interested in such a book. I was quite excited about it!

What do I do when I read a book that can help me learn to be not a better photographer, but a better person? Do I spend time studying it and re-reading it? Do I get excited? Do I share it with my friends?


Anonymous said...

I find the same thing to be true. It's harder to share things like that. I don't know why.

Christy Joy said...

Point taken.

But because I'm curious, what photography book was it?

Johonn said...

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson

Johonn said...

@ragamuffinchild: perhaps because there's someone that wants to discourage us from sharing that.

Ali said...

I so often struggle with the same thing.

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