Storm at Reid State

Much of the credit goes to Kent, not only for several of his own pictures but for helping my pictures to be better.


Ali said...

Nice pictures. I especially like the one framed by tree branches (and a whole tree). The title was misleading though...I was hoping for some lightning pictures.

barry said...

Good old desolate, beautiful, somehow homey welcoming Maine coast.

Christy Joy said...

:) I love the sunlit grass and grey skies :)

Miss you Jonathan! Come Visit! (again! lol)

Johonn said...

Ali: Sorry, there wasn't any lightning to take pictures of! :)
Barry - definitely homey, it's where we grew up! :) I definitely like the desolate part, too
Christy, I don't know if I'll actually have time to come and visit... seems that once we get home and into our various activities we actually get busy, or at least that has happened to me!

Christy Joy said...

Ah well, that's ok, wishful thinking on my part :) Enjoy your time at home! :D

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