Mt. Washington

Well, at long last I post again. It seems as though my days are so full right now that I hardly have time to do anything... Isn't summer supposed to be vacation?!? :)
But still there is some time to be had, if I can find it.

A few weekends back, the Howes and David and I went on a hike up Mt. Washington, looking for snow. Following are several pictures and videos that tell the story.

Or not.

Evidently, blogger doesn't interface with the linux filesystem, and I can't upload pictures here, however, I have uploaded them on picasaweb.

I see that john has also posted a few pictures, and they are duplicates, but I did post 1 or 2 that he didn't... I will try to post a few videos as well.


Kelsey said...

Way to go, Johonn! Work off that pi.
I totally understand the summer "vacation?" phenomenon. Whew! I can't believe a month has passed already.

Joel said...

Glad to see you're still in the land of the living Jonathan:) What else are you doing with your 'vacation'?

barry said...

Something tells me you you have a computer problem, and it might have something to do with your operating system

Johonn said...

In my opinion, it's Blogger's problem, if they don't support an operating system that is more prevalent than apple was a few years back.

Joel, sorry i didn't respond earlier... Summer for me is mostly work, with a fam. reunion thrown in here and a camping trip there... Also taking american history. :)

barry said...

Forget the operating system. How about another blog?

Fun sailing last sabbath, but my feet are threatening to become infected from all that crazy wading through dangerous water

Johonn said...

well the operating system is fine now, i just have to get my internet working, which is baffling not only me, but several minds brighter than mine... I may post sometime, and I do hope to eventually get europe pictures up...

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