Last Wednesday afternoon, I walked out of choir, and was immediately aware of the striking beauty of the clouds in the sky. I postponed all other engagements (e.g. lunch) and ran and grabbed my camera. These are the results.


barry said...

Glad you skipped lunch

Kelsey said...

Hey! I saw those clouds too! They were amazing! Glad someone got pictures :)

Kristin said...

Oh good! I'm glad someone took pictures! I was leaving my apartment in a hurry when I saw them, but I thought that they were so amazing that I called a friend and told them to look outside.
My first thought when I saw the clouds was that it looked like the world had been turned upside down and that there were small rolling, snow-covered hills in the sky. It made me think of some books that I've read by Ted Dekker where the god of the world turned the sky upside down for a while out of love and just for the sheer enjoyment of the people he had created.
It made me think about my God and that He made those beautifully unique clouds simply to amaze us and for our enjoyment because He loves us.

Kristin said...

Oh yeah. And my second thought about the clouds when I saw them was that it looked like someone had hand painted the sky. The smoothness and the flowing appearance of the clouds looked just like a painting, but a 3-D one.

Julianne said...

It's always good to pause and appreciate things like that. Thanks for posting!

Karissa Joy said...


I most certainly second Barry's opinion. Thanks for sharing TN with WA

Caitlin said...

wow! thanks jonathon!

I was mesmerized by the clouds as well - but without a camera - glad that you captured the moment!

I'm looking forward to seeing some of your pictures from the tour!

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