the ultimate Ultimate?

Hopefully only the penultimate or antepenultimate, but i digress...

Since I developed something akin to a pulled ligament in my left knee (no, not the surgery one), I sat out for part of the game last night, and, consequently, was able to snap a few rare pictures - usually all of us are playing, so no one is recording the event. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Elissa making a pass

Barry gets it around John

John steams past

Julie reels it in

A stretch and a catch

A great catch by Julie

David about to hammer it

Adri pirouettes as she releases the disk

A quick directional shift by barry still fails to prevent John from making the grab

Jenn pulls a casual forearm right past David


Paul said...

wish I could have joined you. perhaps tomorrow night...

jonas said...

Good pictures jonathan.

Hope we can play some at Southern together!

Johonn said...

Definitely will be playing, if i have time! ;)

Caitlin said...

Awesome pictures... perhaps the new US olimpic frisbee team ;)hehe
looking forward to seeing everybody back at Southern again!

Christy said...

awesome! i'm about to go play ultimate right now! thankfully it rained this morning so it hasn't gotten up to 100+ yet. argh, i had forgotten how hot it gets down here.

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