Sabbath afternoon walk

This afternoon we went to the audubon sanctuary in Falmouth...we didn't see a ton of birds, but there were plenty of other pictures to take.
Reading a sign about currents

Logging some pictures

Can't say I've never gone out on a limb

Strolling along

Some berries


Hi Elissa


Candid Canon Camera

We saw a groundhog

Evidently he enjoyed our singing, because he would keep coming out when we sang

Groundhog and Daffodils

Shy little fella



jonas said...

awesome hair johonn.

looks nice back there, except for a painful dearth of snow.

take care,

Christy said...

Cool :) I like the close-up pictures. What are you doing this summer anyway?

Kristin said...

Haha :) I like the grounghog. But he looks a little bit on the grumpy side. Hopefully your singing cheered him up some ;)

Johonn said...

This summer I am planning to get a job, and fix up our boat, and work on our cabin, and do all kinds of stuff...

Christy said...

cool :) Sounds productive. What kind of a boat?

barry said...

Very nice. I went running with Rollo. He nearly killed me

Johonn said...

Christy: its an ancient outboard from the 60's, with a pretty good engine on it, but the boat itself needs alot of work.
Barry: How's that? Just by running so much, or did he almost cause you to run off a cliff or something?

barry said...

Some of both, obviously

Nicole said...

Looks like fun Jonathan.

Sounds like you guys are all keeping busy so far this summer. :)

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