Foster Falls trip

Last Sabbath a large group of us got together and went out to Foster Falls, on the other side of Chattanooga. It was quite a fun and relaxing afternoon...excellent views, decent trails, and severe rock walls, which were not attempted by us, being of the highest difficulty, and necessitating advanced skill and equipment. Nonetheless, we enjoyed watching a few adventurous climbers for a few moments.

This is the first thing we saw when we got to the park.

We read a few selections from the Bible while waiting for the rest of our group.

Another pic of the falls.

We decided to go down to where the pool was at the base of the falls, and discovered a fun swinging bridge in the process.

Pool at the base of the falls.

This picture and the next were taken from the same place. This is the platform from which we first viewed the falls.

A different view of the falls, taken from the same spot as above.

After going around to the top of the falls, and forgetting to take pictures, we headed back to the starting place, and rested awile.

Meanwhile, others of our group were having fun seeing how loud a noise a rock could make when hitting water from 60 feet up.

This is a zoom in of the leftmost edge of the next picture, to give an idea of the scale of the cliffs.

Here you can just spot a figure to the right of the top of the falls, in a white shirt. Again, this shows the size of the falls. Quite a spectacular view.


barry said...

Those are some excellent pictures.

Caitlin said...

nice pictures! I have a few from then too... but I always wish that I had taken more after the fact :)
Thanks for photo journaling our adventures :)

Kristin said...

I second Barry's comment. And would like to add that looking at these pictures made me remember how blessed I am to have such a wonderful network of friends and how fun that trip was. Thanks for posting this :)

Paul said...

nice photos. I should take a road trip and join you some time--or you folks could come up here. my house has lots of room.
thanks again for your comment(s) on my blog. you're doing some deep thinking...

Johonn said...

All the praise goes to God: He put the thoughts in my mind...I just wrote them down!

I'd love to come visit sometime, unforch there is no break not already filled up.

CJK said...

Hey jonathan. Just letting you know that I changed my blog address to www.kindlingforhim.blogspot.com
It's still the same sight but i figured you would want to know so you could change your link.

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